Welcome, MSAN Student Conference Chaperones!

Watch the Chaperone Information video for details on the role of the MSAN Student Conference chaperone.

See below for required forms, required pre-conference materials, and additional information.

Presentation slides are available here

2023 Student Conference Required Forms and Documents

2023 Pre-Conference Required Materials

Additional Resources

MSAN Student Conference Chaperones work hard before, during, and after the conference to ensure a successful conference experience for all.

Before the conference, chaperones are:

  • Recruiting students to attend the conference
  • Studying the pre-conference handbook and readings with students and their families
  • Collecting all required forms and working with their district point person to complete conference registration, travel plans, and hotel reservations
  • Collecting data sets on racial opportunity and achievement gaps in their districts, to be used during the action planning section of the conference

During the conference, chaperones are:

  • Monitoring student participation and engagement
  • Staying in touch with colleagues and families back home
  • Leading the Action Planning process for their district teams

After the conference, chaperones are:

  • Collaborating with colleagues to implement action plans
  • Participating in scheduled check-ins with MSAN and chaperones from other districts
  • Planning for the following year!

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