Welcome, MSAN Student Conference Chaperones!

Watch the "Quick Guide" video for information on the role of the MSAN Student Conference chaperone. See below for required forms, required readings, and additional information.

2023 Student Conference Required Forms and Documents

  • A Student Registration form must be completed for each student attending. A Chaperone Registration Form must be completed for each chaperone attending. A Student Registration Form must be completed for each student attending.

2023 Pre-Conference Required Materials

Additional Resources

MSAN Student Conference Chaperones work hard before, during, and after the conference to ensure a successful conference experience for all.

Before the conference, chaperones are:

  • Recruiting students to attend the conference
  • Studying the pre-conference handbook and readings with students and their families
  • Collecting all required forms and working with their district point person to complete conference registration, travel plans, and hotel reservations
  • Collecting data sets on racial opportunity and achievement gaps in their districts, to be used during the action planning section of the conference

During the conference, chaperones are:

  • Monitoring student participation and engagement
  • Staying in touch with colleagues and families back home
  • Leading the Action Planning process for their district teams

After the conference, chaperones are:

  • Collaborating with colleagues to implement action plans
  • Participating in scheduled check-ins with MSAN and chaperones from other districts
  • Planning for the following year!

View the "MSAN 101" slide presentation for more information on MSAN.

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