Curriculum and Instruction Resources

In Curriculum and Instruction (C&I), the “C” outlines what we teach, and the “I” represents our efforts to find the best way to teach each student. Although some educators—central office administrators, principals, or college professors in the C&I field—may have “C&I” in their title or on their diploma, all educators engage with C&I work.

This set of resources from the MSAN C&I working group reflects several years of collaboration among MSAN school districts. Click below to explore tools for C&I equity audits, lists of classroom observables for increasing equity, and promising practices from MSAN districts.

mediaTools for Teaching & Learning Equity Audits

mediaResponding to C&I Equity Audit Results

media“Look Fors” in Culturally Competent Classrooms

Resources from Boston Public Schools

Resources from Montgomery County Public Schools

Resources from Massachusetts Elementary and Secondary Education Dept

mediaOther Resources

mediaExamples of Promising Practices

mediaResearch Protocol & Results from MSAN Districts

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