In this month's MSAN Minute--educators working side by side with youth to conduct research on educational equity in their schools, new findings on positive racial identity and academic achievement for African American girls, practical strategies to help teachers facilitate discussions about racism in mostly-white classrooms, and resources on serving students with disabilities who also need advanced learning opportunities. Also, don't forget! Registration for the MSAN Institute closes March 23!


Promoting Resilience Among African American Girls: Racial Identity as a Protective Factor
In a recent study published in Child Development, Dr. Shereeta Butler-Barnes from St. Louis University found that for African American girls, positive racial identity was associated with higher achievement over time, and that racial identity and a sense of belonging served as protective factors in school. Read an article about the study on the Washington University in St. Louis website, and click here for the full study.


How Should I Talk about Race in My Mostly White Classroom? 
Shared by our colleagues at Great Lakes Equity Center/Midwest and Plains Equity Assistance Center, a resource from the Anti-Defamation League: How Should I Talk about Race to My Mostly White Classroom?  This article is designed for educators and explores tips and strategies including setting up group guidelines, helping your students deal with discomfort and uncertainty, clarifying goals and expectations of the discussion, engaging in discussions around White privilege, and how to act as an ally for social justice.


Margarita Vizcarra, Academic Adviser at Evanston Township High School (ETHS) District 202 (IL)
ETHS academic adviser Margarita Vizcarra, who is also a past MSAN student conference chaperone, is working through an ETHS/Northwestern research/practice partnership to create youth-led participatory action research (YPAR) projects with students in her school district. Research projects have critiqued aspects of the district curriculum and experience through student lenses. Ms. Vizcarra recently presented on this work at an event at Northwestern, as well as at this month's site visit by MSAN’s Governing Board and members of the MSAN Research-Practitioner Council, with her project partner from Northwestern Dr. Alejandro E. Carrión. Thank you for your leadership, Ms. Vizcarra!


Twice Exceptional Learners (2e)
"Twice Exceptional," or "2e," is a term that refers to when students need advanced learning opportunities and also have one or more disabilities. Check out these resources on 2e:


Closing the Achievement Gap: Strategies for Excellence with Equity
Join district leaders committed to excellence with equity at the 2018 Closing the Achievement Gap conference to be held July 8-12 on the campus of Harvard University. The annual conference is part of The Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard which provides school districts with research-based resources in the areas of youth engagement, community support, and school-to-career pathways, and more.


Registration Closes March 23
The 2018 MSAN Institute will be held April 26-27 in Madison, Wisconsin. The MSAN Institute is MSAN’s annual conference on ending the effects of racism on schools. Open to MSAN members as well as to the wider community, Institute keynotes and breakout sessions highlight practices for classroom teachers, building- or district-level decision makers, and family engagement leaders--outlining current initiatives and informing future research. Visit the Institute website to register by March 23!


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